List Booster, Let it go Viral


List Booster is a 7 ways to Generate unstoppable, targeted subscribers in any market!


List Booster is a 7 ways to Generate unstoppable, targeted subscribers in any market!

If you really want to boost your list size in a short amount of time, your best bet is to write a viral report. How does a viral report work? It’s simple. I like to use a cool and free tool called Open Office (It’s an alternative for Microsoft Office™)

1. Start by downloading the office software bundle for free at the following URL:

2. Next, open up the text editor in this program and outline a short 5-10 page report. Your best bet is to select a “hot topic” within your given niche (i.e. something everyone is talking about on forums).

3. Write the report in the Open Office text editor, using clean formatting, clear organization, and useful tips. Make sure to include links throughout your viral report that point back to your optin page. I would definitely suggest using at least one on the title page and one at the end of the report; however, ideally, you should find good places to plug your optin page all throughout the report.

4. Once you have proofread your report, you can simply hit the “PDF” button on left sidebar of the Open Office text editor. This will instantly turn your document into a PDF. The next step is distribution. Page 9 In order for your viral report to be a success, you will want a large number of people to download it, read it, and then opt into your list. Viral reports and ebooks are meant to be that – viral. So your main focus is to target a broad market. I’m not talking about tiny niches like “Playing the flute”, I’m talking about a broader market. Instead of targeting those who only want to learn how to play the flute, target those who want to learn music.

So if you’re in the “home business” arena, you don’t want to just target “Affiliate Marketers”, you want to target anyone interested in making money at home. So, this means you will need to get people to either give it away for you or sell it for you. If you plan to give it away for free, contact your current list with the report and tell them they are welcome to give it away to anyone for free. Additionally, contact ezine owners and webmasters in your niche and ask them if they want a free report. This is both a quick and effective means through which you can generate traffic for your optin list.


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