Youtube Marketing Benefits


The is an eBook that will teach you all the rudiment of YouTube Marketing, it is very simple and explicit.

What you stand to gain from this tutorial:

  • How to market your Products via YouTube.
  • With Youtube Marketing you drive traffic to your products.
  • The Best Ways to Interact With Your Fan Base
  • How it Works
  • Creating a Professional Looking Video Without a Camera

And many more, so while waiting get your copy now.


YouTube is the number one place where you can take full advantage of video marketing. Not only is this the perfect spot for uploading videos that you won’t have to host yourself but it’s also the best place to let viewers find the content you’ve lovingly crafted and engage with it.
Videos as a form of marketing have a huge advantage over other forms of marketing owing to their highly engaging and captivating nature. They can be much more persuasive and they can use music, animation and more to really push the point home.
But how do you thrive on YouTube against the competition? How do you make amazing YouTube content if you’ve never held a camera before? Here are some options!
How to Make a YouTube Video With No Camera
Want to make a YouTube video? You don’t even need a camera! Just:
 Create a slideshow with a voice over using PowerPoint
 Use Screen Recorder to record your screen so that you can upload that for YouTube
 Create an animated video such as a whiteboard animation with tools like Easy Sketch Pro
How to Make Professional Looking Vlogs, Adverts and More
But if you are brave enough to go in front of the camera, you’ll want to use some editing software. Here, you have two premium options: Sony Vegas Pro or Adobe Premier (combined with After Effects). Alternatively, the free options are Microsoft Movie Maker and YouTube’s own editor.
Some tips:
 Consider your background and lighting
 Dress smart and trendy but don’t look ‘over dressed’
 Use a high quality camera. Set up more than one angle with multiple cameras if possible.
 A lamp can stand in for a light box. A bedsheet can be your infinite white background.
 Use a mic if possible, or just consider your acoustics.
 Edit quickly to avoid awkward long pauses.
 Add music but get the levels right
You can make your videos look more professional and increase brand visibility with:
 Video openers (get one from Fiverr)
 Bottom thirds
 Logos in your top corner
Getting Seen
Having great videos is just one part of the battle. The other part? Growing your audience and getting seen. Some ways you can do that:
 Optimize your YouTube channel by adding a description, playlists to showcase your best content, a cover image and more
 Link to your other social media accounts
 Add your YouTube channel to your website with a sidebar widget
 Add keywords to your video as well as lots of text in the description and a smart title. Think about what people are likely to want to search for and what isn’t widely searched for.
 Run promotions with other YouTube marketers and try ‘influencer marketing’
 Consider using YouTube advertising
Some Final Tips
To succeed on YouTube you need to focus on providing quality. This is just like any other form of content marketing so think about how you will stand out and what you can post that will make people want to keep coming back. Avoid generic titles and always ask yourself: would you watch it?


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